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September 15th 2012 - September 4, 2012

A bit of synchronicity. We will be playing our first show in 2 years on September 15th at 529 in Atlanta. September 15th is the start of the ancient Festival at Eleusis which was celebrated in the Telestrion (or Telesterion - however one wishes to spell it) in ancient Greece. Come and partake of the Kykeon...

New releases on Vinyl! - June 10, 2012

Telestrion returns with their new EP "Molecule" availale on vinyl only. To celebrate the release of "Molecule", we are also reissuing the 2007 self-titled release, available for the first time on vinyl. The self titled features a deluxe gatefold cover with 2 different color combinations of vinyl, 4 different colors in all. The single disc EP is also available in 2 different colors. Both releases are limited to 300 copies each worldwide and both include codes to unlock digital downloads of transfers directly from the vinyl available in either 24 bit WAV, 16 bit WAV, or 320 kpbs MP3.

Telstrion also recently laid down basic tracks with drummer Ric Parnell (Atomic Rooster, Spinal Tap) and will be returning to the studio soon to finish work on the new recordings.

Check out EP title track "Molecule" here! - October 10, 2010

Relix Magazine has uploaded the tracks from the sampler that we were on. You can check out "Molecule" at the following link:

Telestrion In The New Issue Of Relix - August 30, 2010

Check out the September/October issue of Relix with Keith Richards on the cover... we have a big ad with the new EP artwork and the title track from the new EP "Molecule" is on the CD sampler.

More news on the vinyl release of "Molecule" very very soon!!!

Get Connected With Telestrion - We'll Hook You Up - February 27, 2010

Welcome To The New Look Website - February 26, 2010

A new decade is dawning, and we've decided to update the look of the website. Everything is new, new pictures, new music, new bio, there's new stuff everywhere, so have a look around, download some tunes, and say hi!

We are now on Facebook and Twitter, hit up the links section to connect with us.

So what's been goin' on in the world of Telestrion?

We recently spent a couple of weeks in the studio recording a new batch of audio goodness, 4 new songs, 2 smokin' cover versions, and several super psychedelic improv jams. We haven't decided exactly how we're going to release it yet, whether it be a couple of EP's, or a full-length, or what, but it will definitely be on vinyl as well as available online for download. As soon as we have further info we will post it here!

We've been playing several gigs and as always we record every show, so we will try and share some of the highlights from the gigs here on the music page. Head on over there now to listen or download to us performing the Amboy Dukes' classic "Journey To The Center Of Your Mind" at our gig in Milledgeville a few weeks ago. This is not one of the cover songs that we recorded in the studio.

Anyhow, hit us up on Facebook and Twitter for the latest breaking news, but we will try to make a concerted effort to keep this website a bit more up to date going forward. Keep an eye on the calendar for new live dates, which will be posted as they are booked.

Thanks for listening, and keep on smokin....


The Head Is Dead - April 7, 2009

In addition to checking out the new live EP, be sure to hit the music page on this here website to download "The Head Is Dead" a sweet 9 minute jam from the first rehearsal of the newest Telestrion lineup last summer. Featuring special guest Darrell on the moog synth.

New Live EP - Live At The Drunken Unicorn - April 7, 2009

We are releasing a live EP, Live At The Drunken Unicorn for free download online at
You can listen to "Melting Away" here at this websiite, and check out "The One To Go" at our MySpace page.

Also updated a few show dates scheduled over the next few months, though there will be many more, so keep checking back.

Writing is coming along for the next Telestrion album which we hope to record before the year is out. We've already debuted two new songs in our live set, "Time & Space" and "Hallucination Orbit". Other new songs being worked up include "Far Away" and "Molecule". Tunes are sounding great and we can't wait to get into the studio later this year.

More news soon....

The Kind (Live In Atlanta) UPLOADED! - November 5, 2008

Download an exclusive live track from our performance at the East Atlanta Ice House recorded Tuesday night, November 4th. Click over to the Music page to find it!

Telestrion Returns To The Stage - November 5, 2008

Telestrion returned to the stage Tuesday night for the first time since last March. It was our first gig in our hometown of Atlanta in more than a year. J Lee (bass) and Dwayne Jones (drums) have generously offered their time and talents to provide us with a rhythm section in order to play some gigs, so keep an eye on the calendar for future show dates. The show on Tuesday night was recorded, and I plan on uploading an exclusive live version of "The Kind" very soon. "The Kind" is actually an old Qualone song, but has always remained a part of the Telestrion set list, so now you'll have a Telestrion version of the song.

Andy's Version Of KISS' "X-Ray Eyes" available online. - August 14, 2008

Andy's version of the KISS klassic "X Ray Eyes" is on an online KISS tribute album released this week. Check it out here:

Check The Music Page - August 14, 2008

I uploaded an unreleased jam from the album sessions titled "Improv - Reel's End", named because we had a couple of minutes left on the reel, so we decided to fill it up with some jibber jabber.

There are also high quality downloads available of "Blue Sunshine" from the Telestrion album and "Insanity Ride" from the Qualone album.

Keep an eye out for more exclusive music to be posted here soon.

Awesome New Review & Some News Updates - August 14, 2008

This update comes to you at least a month late, but well, I'm a bit scatterbrained as of late, and, uh, better late than never.

First off, we got an amazing review by the famed Julian Cope, he of the supremely great Head Heritage website, as well as creator of some fine musical creations himself. You can find it in the July Druidion (his monthly news update) at the Head Heritage website, located here:
Check out that website for info on tons of classics, many of which you may have never heard of. I discovered the Flower Travellin' Band thanks to Julian's review, and they are one of the greatest underground heavy 70's bands there ever was.

So, anyhow, great review, yada, yada, what's going on with us, you want to know?

Well, we recently had a pretty sweet jam session with former Qualone drummer Dwayne Jones, and with things a bit smoother between us all we hope to work together on some sort of musical project whether it be jams or some new Telestrion things. Time will tell, and time heals all wounds, I guess, but since time doesn't exist, where does that leave us?

Also along for the jam was Jonathan, the bassist from Kilstonecoat (formerly Negative Earth) and Darrell the keyboardist from Dwayne's band, Thee Crucials, who was rockin out on the Moog and the Hammond. Good times and spaced out jams were had by all, and a pretty nice recording of the preceedings was captured and thrown into the musty archive pit.

Speaking of archives, and jams, and recordings and such, we have about 10 hours of jams recorded over the past year or so that we are currently sorting out, looking for riffs and grooves to build some new tunes around. This in addition to new songs already being hashed out, such as Time & Space and The Door Is A Jar.

Once we've got a batch of material we're happy with and figure out who's going to play on what, we should be all set for album #2.

And finally, we are talking about possibly getting the Telestrion album pressed on double vinyl. Nothing is set in stone yet, but keep your eyes peeled....

August '08

What's Goin' On - April 30, 2008

We're currently on a bit of hiatus while we search for a new rhythm section. Kenneth & Chris will remain a part of the extended Telestrion family and will likely join up for jams/shows at times in the future, but we're looking for some Atlanta locals so we can get together and play a bit more often.

Songwriting is ongoing for the 2nd album as we throw a thousand ideas against the wall and see which ones stick. We're in the process of putting together a new studio which will aid in the demo/writing process, but for now Brian & I are holed up in our personal enclaves summoning the dark forces of the universe for riff inspirado.

As always with the Telestrion beheamoth, things shall plod along slowly yet surely. Listen to the opening drums on "Lost In The Sky". That's how we move.

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