Telestrion S/T CD

It's the hot new (well not so new anymore) debut release from Telestrion. That's us. Please buy our CD. It's really good. Honest. Get it at or any of your favorite online retailers. iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc... they've all got the rock. All That's Heavy Online Store These guys have supported us for 10 years. Buy the CD from them.

Telestrion T-Shirt

You've got the CD. Now buy the t-shirt. Trey Anastasio wears our shirt, and whether you think that's cool or not, you should be wearing one too. All That's Heavy The only place online where you can get your Telestrion T-Shirt!

Qualone S/T CD

Do you like Telestrion? Well then you'll like Qualone too. That was our old band. Same songwriting team, same guitarists, same vocalists. Slightly shorter songs, but still guitar heavy and psychedelic as hell. Dig it. All That's Heavy

Qualone S/T LP

Yeah, that's LP, as in vinyl, baby. You may have to contact us directly to get this puppy, but we still have some, so if you can't find em anywhere else, hit us up. _

Plaster "Long Way From Earth" CD

Andy's old band. Almost as good as Telestrion, and if you're a history buff or a collector, or a really big Telestrion/Qualone fan, then you need to own this one. Includes an early version of the Qualone track "Mushroom Flower". Apparently, Underdogma still has this in stock, but if you have any trouble finding it, send us an email. We still have a couple boxes of em. Get it from us now before we are all out of them and they are going for $90 on e-bay. Under Dogma