Okay, moving swiftly on to this month’s reviews, first I gotta hip y’all to the stunning self-titled debut album by Telestrion, a long-haired quartet from the American south. Utopian, apocalyptic and transcendental all at the same time, Telestrion’s songs dance on fire somewhere between the Satanic and Whirling Dervish gypsy psychedelia of SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH and FUTURAMA, the outrageously over-arranged second album by Bill Nelson’s Be Bop Deluxe, as played by the Todd Clark Group and/or the phased-out psychedelic fury of Neil Merryweather’s Space Rangers. Telestrion utilise a kind of ever-unfolding QUADROPHENIA approach that overwhelms and disorientates listeners to such a degree that there’s no possibility of knowing just which song they’re listening to. Imagine an LSD-soaked Montrose or a modern Flower Travellin’ Band and yooz getting close to the swirling catharsis this quartet has laid upon us. Classic Rock? Nope, for these druids have truly excavated a rock-cut tomb all their own, babies. With its crackling analogue synthesizers and perpetual FX, TELESTRION is what I thought Dwarr would sound like had they not suffered from such feeble ‘80s production. Score this jewel from the band’s own Electric Mind record label, or via amazon.com/TELESTRION-Telestrion.” - Julian Cope

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Daredevil Records/Germany www.daredevilrecords.com TELESTRION - same Electric Mind Records www.telestrion.net www.myspace.com/telestrion Telestrion from Atlanta, Georgia are a four piece heavy psychedelic rock band whose sound is a fusion of timeless riff-rock masters such as Black Sabbath, Masters of Reality and a huge psychedelic influence from Pink Floyd. This first, self-produced debut album, sounds fresh, modern and is a big surprise in this year. The self-titled debut has a great sound, responsible for that was Don Tart (Blackberry Smoke) and Jeff Tomei (COC, Jerry Cantrell, Smashing Pumpkins) and features a big booklet. And the music is, as I told before, a big surprise. The members played before as Qualone and Plaster, two great underground Stoner Rock heroes in the late 90`s. It is not fair to mention some single songs, because everyone is a highlight! The last track, ASTRONOMY DOMINE is an awesome PINK FLOYD cover and sounds like a real TELESTRION track. Starting with the mighty THE ONE TO GO, followed by the riff monster BLUE SUNSHINE - sounds like the late BLACK SABBATH jamming with MASTERS OF REALITY. Awesome! The vocals of Andy fit perfect to that sound and it is a shame that no big label signed that band. The music is full of great riffs and packed with some psychedelic moments. One of the best and musically outstanding debut albums of the last years! Check this band out! Genre: Psychedelic Rock Music: 9 Sound: 9 Info: 12 Songs / 73 minutes Jochen” - Jochen Boellath

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Telestrion – Self Titled Review by John Pegoraro (StonerRock.com) Electric Mind Records Release date: October 2007 Those who bothered know that Qualone's self titled album was a pretty solid offering of stoner rock. The band imploded soon after, with three of the members - Andy Samford (guitar/vocals), Brian Holcomb (guitar/vocals/theremin), and John Smith (bass) – starting Telestrion with drummer Chris Stewart soon after. Wait, a name change because of a drummer? Bully to that! Actually, it makes sense, because Telestrion is more focused on the psychedelics and less on the tried 'n' true stoner rock. The influences stem more from heavyweights like Pink Floyd (lead track “The One to Go” cribs heavily from The Wall, “Sleeping Pill” has a great Roger Waters-like melodramatic bombast, and hey – the album ends with “Astronomy Domine”), The Beatles (with the vocals), and Hawkwind (everything else). And really, Telestrion works better than Qualone did. The band's stronger with songs that are allowed to stretch out, rather than ones that go for the throat. The nasally, Ozzy-like vocals got to be a bit too much at times and “Half” lost me when it starting sounding like an outtake from Phantom of the Opera, but overall Telestrion's off to a strong start. Consider these guys the US answer to Hypnos 69. URL: http://myspace.com/telestrion” - John Pegoraro


Telestrion draws from several streams of psyche rock for their sound. Modern stoner rock provides much of the anchoring for the group's sound, while space rock also brings much influence to the table. Classic psychedelia also makes itself known through a post-modern filter. Alt-psyche rock can also be heard rummaging through things. It's a credit to Telestrion that they decided to cull ideas from a broad range of trip rock styles, and the group's sound is undeniably dynamic and textured. Telestrion's membership are solid musicians with real songwriting skill. While it lacked some of the psychedelic hook of, say, Saturnia, Hypnos 69 or Pink Floyd, Telestrion has nonetheless conjured their own signature sound for the further expansion of the psyche rock canon. psychedelic stoner Website: www.telestrion.net Label: Telestrion” - Kristopher Upjohn